what brand /size chuck are you using on the g0766 for larger bowl?

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  1. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    I've been using a small chuck that I bought at grizzly when I bought my lathe and it's worked fine for the small stuff but I want to step up and try a large burl I've acquired.

    What's everyone using on the g0766? I watched a youtube where the guy was talking about horsepower requirements for a bigger chuck but I don't think that's a worry with these.

    So far the candidates are a nova titan iii or a vicmarc 120 which are similarly priced but still high. I like the closed back and a hex key instead of the drill chuck type.
  2. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    I bought a Grizzly 5-1/2" chuck kit (T10811). It came with small jaws, big jaws, screw chuck, Cole jaws, step jaws, etc. https://www.grizzly.com/products/gri...uck-set/t10811

    After I got tired of swapping out jaws, I bought a second one.

    It is threaded for 1" x 8 tpi. I use an adapter and am pleased that there is no noticeable runout. A minor benefit of using an adapter is that if I leave it in place, it reduces the wear/tear on the spindle threads.
  3. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    I wonder if that's more or less the same chuck or at least made in the same factory as the one I have but a little larger? I bought the additional larger jaws back then I just never use them.

    Thought the nova or vicmarc might be a little heavier duty but maybe the quality is there with the grizzlies. I see they have went even further down in price for the H6267 $99. I could buy a couple of them and just put the jaws I already have on.
  4. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    Also, does yours have a set screw for reversing? Mine doesn't, I wonder if I could have it drilled and installed?
  5. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    The chuck you referenced sure looks identical to mine, except smaller. I chose the bigger chuck set because it came with a variety of jaw sets plus I wanted a larger Cole jaw capability and wanted the bigger jaws for bigger pieces.

    My Grizzly chuck does not have a set screw for reversing. The back of the chuck is flat so I don't know how a person could drill and tap it. I also have Nova 2" chuck with a set screw. I do sometimes turn in reverse on hollow forms and regularly sand in reverse. But when turning in reverse, I snug up the chuck and take very light cuts and am very careful. Either that or use my small Nova chuck. I haven't tried it but I suspect that I could use a drawbar with a mating wide end that would go into the chuck body to keep it from unscrewing - - hey! That could be my next project !!
  6. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    The other day I had the largest piece I had ever put on the lathe so far and it really wasn't very big but it was off balance so when I would stop the lathe momentum was unscrewing the chuck. Probably not the safest thing!

    I wonder if the picture is different or maybe changed. I'm going to have to double check but I was thinking on the back mine stuck out further to where there was room for a set screw.
  7. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Sam, my very first choice[and most expensive] would be a Vicmarc 150 for big bowls. I have and use the Hurricane HTC 125. It has a 5” dovetail jaw, is very strong, and high quality at a reasonable cost. You can order from thewoodturningstore.com. They also carry Axminster chucks. Ask to speak with Steve Fulgoni, the owner. Tell him I recommended you to him. I’ve ordered chucks, Oneway coring systems, bowl steady and other things from him. He’s a stand up guy. They are located in New York, and he does it right, an will gladly discuss your options about what will meet your needs.
  8. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    I think the vicmarc 150 has a feature that I would not like. The quick operation bit. That would only be useful if you had an easy way to lock the spindle wouldn't it? On our lathes it seems like you need an extra hand, one to hold the spindle from turning, one to hold the bowl and then one to use the bar to open or close fast.

    The vicmarc 120 seems more my speed. The axminster is stainless steel though. Too many choices!
  9. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    I wonder if there has been a design change on the grizzly chucks or maybe a generic picture.

    My chuck has a bigger shoulder sticking out the back where there is room for a set screw I believe. Probably won't bother though because I just got turning a 6 inch bowl, some in reverse and it was fine. Probably shouldn't put anything much bigger on that chuck.
  10. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    The Vicmarc 120 is a fine choice for a chuck, and would likely do 98% of the work you would encounter….it’s pretty good size and hefty as well, and friends of mine that have them are really pleased with them. Design changes do occur from time to time, especially when one company is sold to another, like is occurring in many small companies who specialize in one area of manufacture, being gobbled up by the big global companies.
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