Distractions in life

  1. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Just wanted the group to know that Iíve not posted much lately due to dealing with covid, the death of my Father, and being in Welding school, not to mention my regular duties of my full time job. Things spread us thin at times, but this group is not forgotten. I havenít turned in about 4 months, and I took a sabatical from the gallery at least until the end of 2022, knowing I was dealing with too much on my plate. I generally check in on this group at leas 3 or 4 times a week.
  2. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    It is always nice to read a post from you, Roger.

    This year my brother-in-law passed in January. We attended the outdoor service/burial in sub zero temps in Mn. in early Feb. My father-in-law passed in February. June I was on a 2 week vacation and had a kidney stone attack that caused us to return to our home prematurely. In early Sept. my mother-in-law passed.

    So I have been on kind of a lathe sabbatical as you.

    But I continue to monitor Sawmillcreek. I enjoy reading other's activities. I'm glad that you (apparently) recovered from Covid.
  3. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Not totally recovered yet. Went to the pulmonary specialist a few days ago, and he says about another month to get rid of the lingering cough, and I’m looking forward to that. Sorry for your losses, Bruce. We had a year, back a ways that we lost 7 family members. I’ve dealt with 11 kidney stones to date, with 3 cystoscopes, and 2 lithotripsies. The rest I managed to pass. Man, kidney stones are incredibly painful! I can sympathize with your situation!
  4. David C. Roseman
    David C. Roseman
    Roger and Bruce, oh my, you've both been through some rough patches this year! Condolences for your losses. And Roger, sending positive energy your way to beat that COVID cough! That's got to be making your day job even more challenging!
  5. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Thank you much, David!
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