Grizzly Lathe Lineup 2022

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  1. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Looks like from the new Griz catalog for 2022, the main players are going to be the current crop with the G0766 leading the way and the G0733 coming in close behind. I also noticed that for 2021, and now for 2022 there seems to be a full compliment of Nova lathes carried in their catalog.

    I sure wish they could return to the Harvey connection and begin carrying the G0800 again, with some more advanced features like a moveable pendant with emergency stop and speed control on that thing. The Harvey Turbo-60 is the same lathe as the G0800, except it has a 2 hp servo D/C motor with controller board, and the G0800 has a 3 hp A/C motor with inverter. The A/C motor will have more low end torque, but the D/C servo motor will be plenty of power and torque for most applications.
  2. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon
    I looked at my catalog coming from the mailbox and tossed it in the recycle bin, it never made it inside the house. Looks like for the grizzly line they are just kicking the can down the road again. I would say a good addition would be a moveable power box like the Robust has.
  3. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    When I bought the G0766 about 5 or 6 years ago the price was around $1600 (with a discount coupon) IIRC. When I looked in the catalog, I see that it is selling for around $3K now. Yikes !
  4. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon
    Your right, I had to look it up. I got mine in Feb 2018 and paid $1,573 what a deal we got.
  5. David C. Roseman
    David C. Roseman
    Roger's comments are spot on, as usual.

    It's been interesting to see the evolution of pricing over the years on various Grizzly models. I bought the G0733 in 2012 for $1,695. Well worth it even then, IMO. Can't recall, but I think I may have used a 10% coupon. By the time I added my G0766 in 2015, the G0733 had gone to $1,895, and the introductory price of the G0766 was about $1,675. I didn't really need the larger lathe, but in late 2015, Grizzly announced the closing of its Muncy, PA warehouse. They offered a 25% discount on all remaining inventory there. I and five or six fellow local club members thought that was a little too good to pass up. So each of us bought a G0766 for $1,236, plus sales tax! Two of the members took a box truck 2-1/2 hrs up to Muncy the next morning to pick them up, then dropped them off at our respective shops later that night!
  6. David C. Roseman
    David C. Roseman
    I notice in the 2022 catalog that the G0766 is now $2.995, and the G0733 is $2,475. Even with those increases, I consider both models to be well priced in today's large-lathe market. The quality is really quite good, and Grizzly has, as well, made a few small but nice refinements in recent years that I'm aware of.They've changed out the spindle on the G0733 so that it extends outboard from the headstock, and added a factory handwheel. I had to add my own, although that allowed me to integrate a vacuum adapter. They also now bore the banjo for standard 1-inch tool rest posts. On the G0766, Grizzly has shortened the legs, lowering the overall bed height by a couple of inches. The banjo was re-designed early on, and is also now bored to 1". There might well be other refinements in both models over the years.
  7. David C. Roseman
    David C. Roseman
    I'm a bit puzzled that Grizzly concurrently markets a lathe that appears to be virtually identical to the G0766 under the Shop Fox brand (model W1852) for $3,600. That's $605 more for what seems to be an additional one-year warranty, 36 rather than 24 spindle indexing increments, and a paint change. Which may explain why the website shows the Shop Fox in stock for immediate shipment, with only one review, while the G0766 is back-ordered.
  8. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    David, your assessment of the Shop Fox and the price being $605 more for one more year warranty is spot on, I think. That and the paint scheme of black and white vs. green and white appear to be the only difference from the G0766. Good to hear from you!
  9. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon
    Our club got the new grizzly chuck and I have used it and like it a lot for the price.
  10. Patrick Morris IV
    Patrick Morris IV
    Ditto what you said Mark
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