Keeping watch

  1. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    I plan to keep my eyes and ears tuned to things regarding possible new lathe models that might be on the horizon from Grizzly. I am wondering about the G0800, G0799 being discontinued and why it has occurred. Pure speculation for now on my part, but I wonder if upgrades are in the works, with more features, such as happened with the Powermatic line on the 3520b to the 3520C models, which are manufactured by Harvey too.

    I am going to watch for the new 2021 catalog, and any updates on their website.
  2. Walter Mooney
    Walter Mooney
    Roger, I for one am glad you'll be watching. I have the 0766 (S/N 00159), and have been quite pleased. I will say I had my issues when it arrived (July 2015), especially since part of it was sticking out of the crate! But I'll be buying another Grizzly at some point in the not-to-distant future, because I'm building a new shop from the ground up in the TX Hill Country. So please let us know what you find out. And thanks again for being the watcher!
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