Trees common in AZ and available

  1. Dave MacArthur
    Dave MacArthur
    Hi all. I've wanted to make a thread on local trees and info for a while, this seemed the best way to do it for AZ. It won't let me post > 1000 characters, so I posted in General forum and here's a link:

    Mesquite, Black
    Mesquite, Chilean
    East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Sissou).
    "South American Rosewood". (Tipuana Tipu) Not a real rosewood (not dalbergia family), but nice looking tree.
    Palo Verde--
    Acacia, willow

    Ash, Shemla
    Elm, Chinese
    Orange: These are everywhere in Phoenix, but I never see anything specifically made from them.

    Grapefruit: Same as above, but much larger tree! 12-16" trunks, seems like a real resource. Used to be groves of these alllll over, now they are standing half dead.

    If you have any info on use of these woods or links, post away!
  2. Lori Kleinberg
    Lori Kleinberg
    Nice listing Dave.
    We have some sought of Willow Acacia in my front yard that needed trimming. My husband cut me down one of the branches and so far I made 3 sets of pen blanks. I turned two of them like a hot knife through butter but the 3rd one won't even peel, chip or anything; very strange
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