Hello Everyone

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  1. mark anizan
    mark anizan
    It looks like no one is going to take the plunge and start something ,so I guess I will. Im glad we have a group to be able to discuss our Epilog Lasers.I have had mine going on 2 years and love it .
  2. Stephen Hooper
    Stephen Hooper
    Hi Mark,
    I'm in the UK and have had my Mini 18 since about July. My only issue with it is not having enough time to spend playing with it! Where are you based?

    I bought mine with a fairly limited view of what I was going to do with it. Initially I had three archery-based products to produce and had bought a CNC router to do this but too many tool changes made it non-viable. With the Epilog... No tool changes!!

    Since then I have found so many other uses I am so glad I bought it. My only regret in model size was that I couldn't afford anything with a bigger bed or more power (35W) but I think another machine may be in the new plan in a cople of years, and it will almost certainly be an Epilog.

  3. mark anizan
    mark anizan
    I am on the Texas coast.I also have CNC woodworking machines but also prefer the laser if possible.I have a Mini 18 35 watt also,I have a 40 watt chinese laser we keep in our enclosed trailer we take to shows .its used almost exclusivly for names on handturned pens we make.I have seriously been looking to get a much larger laser still trying to justify the expense.
  4. Kevin Aylward
    Kevin Aylward
    Hi Group,
    I just joined, and hope to exchange some good ideas with each other. I'm retired, and bought an Epiolg Helix with40w tube, rotary atachment, air assist and a 18"x24" bed. I love this machine. Of course I'd like to have more power, but I find I can do most any job I come accross, provided I take the time to think it through, and spend the extra time refining the settings. I live in Maryland, so anyone who is close enough, and just needs to do a few items, feel free to contact me. Looking forward to helping when I can.
  5. Stephen Hooper
    Stephen Hooper
    Hi Kevin,
    What sort of work do you do on the machine?

  6. Andrew Blair 1870
    Andrew Blair 1870
    Hello All,

    Our company has a Epilog Mini(35W) and it is our second Epilog machine, they are a great machines. We still have an old Epilog Summit that is collecting dust and can be used for parts, the tubes, laser and mirrors where all in working order last time it was fired up about 5 years ago, so if any one is looking for a machine used for parts let me know.
  7. Stephen Hooper
    Stephen Hooper
    Hi Andrew,
    I also have a Mini 35W (mini 18). What sort of work do you do on yours?
  8. Arturo Jauregui
    Arturo Jauregui
    Aloha everyone, My name is Art currently living in Hawaii. I got my laser a epilog mini 40 watt in june. Ive just now started tinkering with it because I just dont have the time. I am active duty US Army Soldier. On top of that I have six daughters, a grandson and a wife. So needless to say im always busy. I look forward to interacting with you all and hopefully learn a thing or two.
  9. Stephen Hooper
    Stephen Hooper
    Hi Art and welcome to the wonderful world of lasering.

    What sort of work do you plan to do?

  10. Randy Cross
    Randy Cross
    I have a Epilog Summit 25 watt laser for sale, with exhaust and computer and software, perfect condition, ready go. In Bellingham, 360-223-1973.
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