Trotec Speedy 100

  1. keith schwarz
    keith schwarz
    I have a trotec speedy 100 that will not reset the x-y-z mechanism when the machine is turned on.
    the top is closed and both side panels are in place. The light blinks indicating tha something is not closed.
    Anyone have an idea what can cause this. It was fine last week.
    keith schwarz
  2. Kristina Jones
    Kristina Jones
    Hi Keith - Have you called into Tech Support yet? They can troubleshoot over the phone and help you out - 866-226-8505 then press 2.

  3. keith schwarz
    keith schwarz
    Calling Trotec Wednesday.
  4. keith schwarz
    keith schwarz
    I called Trotec and they suggested testing the magnetic sensors on the top door and side panel. One of the sensors on the side panel required a small adjustment now all is well.
  5. Ethan Richardson
    Ethan Richardson
    I am selling my Trotec Speedy 100 Laser Engraver and Cutter. Itís in great condition and comes with all of the necessary parts and accessories. It comes with the fume ventilation machine aswell as the computer that it is ran on. The machine works like a beast! I bought it brand new, one year ago. My email is
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