Michigan Woodworkers

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  1. Dave Verstraete
    Dave Verstraete
    This could be a way to meet new friends and fellow woodworkers
  2. David G Baker
    David G Baker
    I am not much of a woodworker but have many hobbies and when I have a project that I need to do I have most of the required tools.
    I have noticed that there are a few woodworkers in my area that contribute to SMC frequently.
    Most of my posts are in the Off Topic area. I always check for items for sale, off topic, workshops (for ideas), general and deals.
  3. Kenneth Seifert
    Kenneth Seifert
    Dave V I live in Niles, MI. Where did you purchase your SawStop?
  4. John Bailey
    John Bailey
    I'm in. Living up here in the Northern Michigan woods, I need all the social contact I can get. Thanks for starting the group.

  5. Larry James
    Larry James
    From Marquette, in the UP. Retired, hobbyist type WW'er.

  6. Dave Verstraete
    Dave Verstraete
    New Members...Great.
    David - It's a hobby for me also...except that before Christmas it seems to be fulltime. I'll be posting pictures of the "Christmas Haul" soon in my album.
    Ken - I bought the Sawstop at Woodcraft in Kentwood (East side of G.R.)
    John - I'm jealous of those woods.
    Larry - I get up to the Marquette area 3 times a year. Early spring and Fall for LOML's quilt retreat at Lake Michigamme. Second week of June for walleye fishing at Lake Michigamme.
  7. Kenneth Seifert
    Kenneth Seifert
    Dave, I was able locate a sawstop in Shipshewana, IN from Pro Tools.
  8. Dave Verstraete
    Dave Verstraete
    Since my two adult sons come over to do woodworking with "dad", I decided to purchase the Sawstop. I had recently "tipped" the middle finger of my left hand (not serious but it sure woke me up). I was doing something stupid but aren't all accidents stupid? I still worry about them even though they are adults!
  9. Myk Rian
    Myk Rian
    Hello fellow Michiganders. Just found this group as I was updating my album.
    Retired from FoMoCo April fools day 2004 and have been keeping busy WWing and kite flying. Been a resident of Hartland since 1977, have no place in Florida, and don't intend on having one.

    Mike Ryan
  10. Zach Dillinger
    Zach Dillinger
    Hello guys. I just found this group and thought I would join. I'm from Charlotte, which is about 20 minutes Southwest of Lansing. I really enjoy woodworking and I'm always looking for new projects / lumber / skills / tools.

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