what brand /size chuck are you using on the g0766 for larger bowl?

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  1. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    I was referring to Brice about the picture in the grizzly catalog differs from what my chuck that I bought years ago looks like.
  2. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    Today I put together a drawbar. I used a 20" section of 5/16 " all-thread and a few nuts and washers. It works great. So, my concern about turning and hollowing in reverse have been eliminated. The all-thread goes through the (10 mm or 3/8") spindle easily.
  3. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    I ended up ordering the Axminster SK114 chuck package. It was on sale right now and I went with this mainly because of stainless steel and it was similar in price as the others.

    We'll see how the G0766 spins this!

    (couldn't resist a CBN wheel either)
  4. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    Wow, from the looks of this Axminster SK114 I must have been seriously overloading that grizzly chuck!

    I hope the G0766 can spin this thing.
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