CAMaster IWF 2010

  1. Joey Jarrard
    Joey Jarrard
    CAMaster is looking for a few ideas about the IWF. What demos we should do ect... Im just starting the ball.
  2. Joey Jarrard
    Joey Jarrard
    we got the booth today we will post the number soon
  3. Joey Jarrard
    Joey Jarrard
    Booth number 5968

    look at this, post 31
  4. Keith Outten
    Keith Outten

    Demonstrations are best tailored to the audience. The kinds of things that an experienced CNC operator would be interested in seeing is 180 degrees in the opposite direction from what a perspective customer might want to see IMO.

    A novice will be real impressed seeing a 3D file running but during the demo they are asking themselves if they could learn to run a CNC machine and how steep the learning curve would be for them. The only other thought going through their mind is how could they possibly pay for a machine and start a business from scratch.

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  5. Keith Outten
    Keith Outten
    If you make a basic assumption concerning the people that will visit your booth, that the range of knowledge will cover both ends of the spectrum a comprehensive demonstration covering the machine from A to Z might be the ticket. The introductory demo should cover the range of machines available, start-up costs and training time, machining techniques and finally a short lesson concerning business expectations.
    When the demo is complete people should be encouraged to break into small groups based on their knowledge level to answer their questions and encourage discussion.

    I would suggest that the Introductory Demo be a video that you could run non-stop at one end of your booth. Use the opposite end to run a machine and any other space you might have to support as many discussions as you can between your staff and people based on their knowledge level.

    Just 2cents!
  6. Joey Jarrard
    Joey Jarrard
    Keith that sounds great. We are laying out the booth and will have a great show. There will be a lot going on.
  7. Belinda Williamson
    Belinda Williamson

    I don't have much to offer here, only having done home & garden trade shows. I would think it would be difficult to "cover all the bases". One thing that Keith mentioned is dead on based on my experience when I was looking to purchase a laser . . . I thought all of the machines were awesome and the huge wall murals were wonderful but I walked away thinking "how would I pay for the mahcine and make a profit?" While the really cool stuff catches the eye, as a customer I want to see the machine produce practical parts that generate income, boring as that may be. Lots of people can't think or imagine beyond what they see the machine produce at a show.

    Also, I find at most trade shows that booths are not staffed with enough knowledgeable people to handle the crowd. If I have to wait 20 minutes or so to speak with a rep I'm moving on. You and Paul have great personalities so I don't even need to address the issue of hoity-toity sales reps.
  8. Joey Jarrard
    Joey Jarrard
    Thanks Belinda we are looking forward to it. I hope my voice will hold up for 4 days. I would hate for Paul to have to talk
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