Go766 and other grizzly accessories

  1. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    I was making sawdust earlier or at least trying and was wondering if it's just me or does anyone else use the scroll chuck that grizzly sells?

    It works fine for me but I have a heck of a time getting the screw in there straight when I use it. Time to upgrade to better chuck? I did find my old receipt and was pretty surprised that the chuck cost more 3-4 maybe 5 years ago than what they charge for them now.
  2. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    I use supernova chucks and Hurricane chucks, and they do very well. I also really like Vicmarc chucks…very well built.
  3. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    Do your chucks directly screw onto the spindle or do you have to use an adapter with them?
  4. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    I own two G10811 chucks. They both screw on fine. Is your issue with the 4 jaw chuck or the screw chuck?

    On my Grizzly chucks, I use a 1-1/4 to 1" adapter.

    There was an issue with the Griz where the shoulder of the spindle would interfere with some chucks. This is well documented in old threads here. The interference would not let the chuck "register" to mate with the spindle register. The fix was easy and involved a file and 2 minutes of time.
  5. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    I have to use an adpter form my SuperNova’s and the Hurricane’s.
  6. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    My issue I have is the screw you clamp into the chuck to insert in the hole drilled in a bowl blank. wood screw point they call it on grizzly site.

    Grizzly H6267 is the chuck I have. It screws onto the spindle fine. 1 1/4 x 8 without an adapter.
  7. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Sam, for using a screw for mounting in a drilled hole, I have a separate screw chuck I got from Craft supplies USA. I think this is way better than any screw center that comes with a chuck. I've had great success with it. here is a link:
  8. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    Well, at least they give a date. This was the 1 1/4 one.

    Temporarily out of stock
    Expected in stock Jul 30, 2023
  9. Sam Fleisher
    Sam Fleisher
    Temporarily out of stock
    Expected in stock Sep 08, 2023 - More Info

    New date! They went the wrong direction....
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