G0766 spindle replacement issue

  1. Jeremy Biller
    Jeremy Biller
    Hey guys. Replacing the spindle on my G0766. I have the front bearing and the shaft in. The rear bearing inside the housing is almost in. The rear bearing needs to go about 1/4 of an inch more and I canít seem to get it. When I try and seat the rear bearing it pushes the spindle forward. Iíve tried to put the tailstock up against the spindle and it moves the tailstock. Should I try the lock pin and the tailstock to hold it in while I beat the rear bearing in place. Does anyone have an easier solution?
  2. Dave Keele
    Dave Keele
    I had same issue. Outer race will slide in headstock housing but inner race needs a bit of "pressing". I positioned the front bearing and spindle where it needs to go. Carefully placed a 24" length of 3/8" all-thread with washer and nut through the spindle with washer against working end of spindle, being careful to not scrape the Morris taper. Placed a second washer (the pulley spacer worked on my 0733) on the rear bearing (making sure it touches the inner race), then a pipe (thick-walled PVC will work) large enough to fit over the spindle and long enough to extend past the end of the spindle, then another washer (or board with hole) then a nut. Tightening the nuts presses the rear bearing in place. I measured depth of bearing cavity before I began so that I would know that bearing was in proper place. I also used anti-seize lubricant on all surfaces prior to install.
  3. Dave Keele
    Dave Keele
    I would NOT use lock pin to hold spindle. Cast housing could break as there is very little room from the lock pin hole and the front housing surface.
  4. Jeremy Biller
    Jeremy Biller
    The all thread idea might just do the trick. Never thought of that. I figured with tailstock against spindle there wouldn’t be much pressure on lock pin but I like your idea better. No chance of damage that way.
  5. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Guys, this is a terrific thread. Please report back with the results, and consider adding some pics on the front page on how you set this replacement of the spindle up to have success. Thanks!
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