G0733 spindle-boss size now correct

  1. Dave Keele
    Dave Keele
    G0733 owners may be interested to know that Grizzly may have fixed the spindle-boss size issue that has prevented some third-party drive accessories from properly mounting.

    Last week I decided to upgrade my 2015 model 0733 with a new spindle (like what is now standard on the current model) which allows the mounting of a hand-wheel, so I stopped by the Springfield, MO store to get one. The floor salesman wasn't aware of any issues, so I had him try to mount a Nova insert on the floor model.... seated half way over the boss.

    I decided to buy the new spindle anyway, assuming I’d have to do the ‘ol “file mod” to shave the boss down, like I did on my old spindle. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the new spindle boss is properly sized. No mod needed!
  2. Dave Keele
    Dave Keele
    Not sure when they made production changes but would think some new units could still be shipped with old spindle. New spindle part #: P0733036V2 V2.06.18

    The new spindle still has the same issue with the grub (set) screws not aligning with the center of the channel between the threads and the boss. The Grizzly FP is spot on, while my Easy Wood FP, Nova FP, and Nova inserts do not align. I can drill and tap new holes in the faceplates, but not the inserts (not enough room) which sit half on and half off the end of the boss.

    Guess I'll take a look at the brass-tipped screws for the inserts. Is anyone using them and how well do they work?

  3. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Thanks Dave for starting the new thread on this!
  4. tom lucas
    tom lucas
    Would a spacer washer work for the grub screw. I haven't ever tighten one down. So, I haven't noticed.
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