Spindle noise

  1. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon
    Green members, I have some noise coming from my spindle and need to know if it's an issue or not.


  2. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    On my G0766 (maybe that is the same model that you have), I have had a ticking noise a few times. All three times it turned out to be the upper pulley and the key. I tightened the allen screw and perhaps repositioned the key and it solved it. Others have reported that the plastic mystery piece is hitting something and others have reported that the magnets were hitting the speed sensor.

    If I were you, I'd loosen the drive belt to the point that I could remove it from the lower pulley. I'd slowly rotate the motor shaft to make sure that it is silky smooth. Then I'd hand rotate the spindle and make sure that IT too is silky smooth. Also, running the motor without the belt on it wouldn't hurt. I'd also grab the spindle and see if I can feel any play (both ends). I'd also check the gap on the speed sensor and magnets....

  3. Brice Rogers
    Brice Rogers
    Part 2:

    It is supposed to be the thickness of a business calling card. Also double check that the belt is properly seated and that you don't have any obvious damage to the belt or the best is so loose that it is "slapping". Perhaps those diagnostics will help you narrow down the problem.
  4. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Brice has given you some good troubleshooting advice....I'd certainly try running the motor without the belt on, and also tighten all set screws on the pulleys. There is also a spacer that mates to the pulley on the spindle, and make sure it is secure. My G0766 is quiet, but the inverter does produce some high pitched hum, but those with younger ears than mine are the only ones who can hear it. That hum did get better the longer I used my G0766 from new, and I attribute the improvement to the "breaking in" of the unit as it was used over the months/years. I can't hear that hum now-a-days.
  5. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon
    Well thanks Brice for stopping by and fixing my lathe. I got up/ could not sleep so I decided to see about the spindle and I took off the handle and side cover and it runs smooth as butter. Guess I will keep an ear out for the noise, no need to turn a knob/screw if not needed. Maybe it's a need to get warm or something but will keep in mind the advice and troubleshoot at that point.

    Thanks Brice & Roger

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