Tickle power adjustment

  1. Jarami Reid
    Jarami Reid
    It appears my two year old refurbished tube on my Speedy 500 is dying. I've noticed some deficient engraving in the last couple days. This morning it stopped working for a short while, I removed my covers from the back side and did a thorough dust removal. I ran two small jobs and it engraved for about .5" across a 7 " engraving, before stopping engraving (but it kept moving like nothing was wrong). On both jobs it did the cut line at the end of the job as it would regularly. Then it started working perfectly for about two hrs, I managed to run a dozen short engrave and cut jobs before it stopped working mid job.

    I talked to my tech in Langley BC, Canada who says it sounds like the tube is dying. He mentioned that I may be able to get a bit more life out of my tube by changing my tickle power. Anyone want to tell me how to do this?
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