Waterlox finish on countertops

  1. Connie Dobbins
    Connie Dobbins
    First, I’m new and computer challenged. And female. So if I commit any protocol violations, please forgive and instruct.
    My problem: Refinshing my countertops with Waterlox. I have refinished dozens of antique pieces, some with great results....and some disasters. I found using danish oil to be the easiest, with no worries for attaining a hand rubbed look. But I neeed a water resilient finish for my countertops. After exhausting research, I decided to go with Waterlox. Their claims put their product as the “god of all finishes.” My experience seems like it’s the “ hell of all finishes”. I’m was beginning the second month of my project.... waiting the required 24 to 72 hours between coats, (sometimes longer since I live in the Deep South, humidity capital), and finally applied my last coat. There were “nubs” I could see and feel, so I used a fine grit (2000) and hand rubbed vigorously. Now I have a super slick countertop.....with a white streaking film. Please help and advise.
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