Everyone just joined and nothing to talk about??

  1. Jerry Rytter
    Jerry Rytter
    Where in Mn are you from?? I am in western mn by big stone lake and SD I do all kinds of wood working and am new to wood turning
  2. David Larry Smith
    David Larry Smith
    I am in Rochester and am 75 and have lots of older woodworking and metal-working machines---although there are 8 members of this group there aren't many discussions to know where all the members live and if they want to communicate---hope others will respond ---are any of you in Rochester area----I enjoy making and fixing things---I have done woodcarving in the past and some turning---would enjoy hearing from others and their projects---also wondering if any have any real old vintage tools----I have a Parks A87 made in 1927 and an old Crescent dual blade spindle flat belt drive tablesaw--over 100 years old--------Dave
  3. jon hamer
    jon hamer
    Hi Dave,
    I'm in Rochester as well. I'd certainly enjoy talking about tools, woodworking. My oldest tools? I've got a 1948 Delta 17" drill press, and a matching-vintage delta 14" bandsaw with the back-gearing and stepped pulleys to cut metal. I have a few really old hand tools, as well. It'd be fun to hear from another woodworker in the area.
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