Value and performance Versus name

  1. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    I am a fan of the Powermatic 3520b lathe. It has thousands of owners who have gotten great service from the unit. Currently, the new 3520C model is introduced, and about to come on the market, and the 3520b's are discounted to move them out. I have turned on 11 of the 3520b's to date, and on several of them, I have had multiple turning sessions. The Grizzly G0766 22/42 lathe has more hp, more swing, distance between centers and has the other features of the 3520b, excepting the safety cage[which most turners take off and do not use] and a couple of minor things like the storage in the tailstock casting, and the tool shelf.

    Even on sale, at clearance prices, the Grizzly G0766 is about half of what the 3520b sells for, and the 0766 still wins the value/performance award for a large lathe, at least in this experienced turners book. I can honestly say that the performance of the 3520b is no better than the G0766! That is my 2 cents..........what say you?
  2. david privett
    david privett
    it is tuff to argue against the truth, unless your in politics!
  3. Mark Greenbaum
    Mark Greenbaum
    I have turned on 3520B for a whole week at JC Campbell, and a few other times at our club Turn & Learn sessions, and honestly, my G0766 is every bit as nice and useful a piece of equipment. I bought mine 2+ years ago, sight unseen, and before anyone in the US had possession of one. I based my decision upon the opinions of Roger, and I am so glad it has turned out well (no pun intended). I have not even begun to test the maximum capacities of this lathe, but perhaps someday I will. Thanks, Roger, and Grizzly. If Grizzly would create a travelling demo show for the Symposiums, I am sure it would be a major hit.
  4. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Thanks for chiming in David and Mark! I am glad others can get owners perspectives from you guys!
  5. Jay Mullins
    Jay Mullins
    I have turned very little on a PM 3520, I have no complaints about that lathe and I know a lot of turners that own them and are happy with them.

    With that having been said, I have owned the G0766 for about two years and have been extremely pleased with my lathe. I have not tested the limits of the Griz, but the heaviest piece I've turned so far was a piece of pecan ( very hard wood ) which weighed about 70 lbs and it was hard to get balanced at first but, by keeping the RPM's down low enough that the Griz wouldn't walk across the floor, I trued up the piece and had no problems with the lathe or the blank. If I were to add another lathe to my shop, it would likely be another Griz.

    When weighing the price of both lathes and comparing the features, it wa an easy deision to make............I bought th Griz.

    I am aware that some turners have had some problems but by reading the forum it seems like the problems are dealt with by Grizzly to insure the customer is satisified.

  6. Roger Chandler
    Roger Chandler
    Jay, Powermatics and Jets have had their issues as well, including motor/inverter replacements and switches have problems. I read about one PM owner who had to replace his motor twice.
  7. Jay Mullins
    Jay Mullins
    Roger, they shoud'a bought a Griz.

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