How many members of AAW visit SMC Forums?

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  1. Mark Greenbaum
    Mark Greenbaum
    Please sign up and give your location, so we can fraternize. Thanks.
  2. Keith Buxton
    Keith Buxton
    Keith Buxton from arnold, MO have been an AAW member for 3 years. I mainly do segmented turning I have post a few of my projects
  3. Mark Greenbaum
    Mark Greenbaum
    Thanks Keith. I just joined, but I have been a member of the Tenn Assoc Of Woodturners for about 5 years now. I would like to turn more deep hollow forms, and lately, just getting used to having a steady lathe ready to go. Today I turned 4 miniature birdhouses, and a couple of door knobs for my under lathe storage cabinet doors. It's a dream come true, just need to get my HF chainsaw working agin so I can try a couple of bowls o it (Grizzly G0766).
  4. Keith Buxton
    Keith Buxton
    Hi mark I also belong to a local wood turning club Show-me Woodturners from festus Mo. I joined them 2010 because I wanted to get into turning. I started out on a midi lathe from general and it served me well but it was time to upgrade I also just got the grizzly G0766 last month have not had a lot of time to turn on it. work sent me out of town for 3 weeks but can't wait to get turning on it.
  5. Mark Greenbaum
    Mark Greenbaum
    Thanks for replying all. Keep it coming. There are scholarships & grants available to Arrowmont & JC Campbell for woodturning classes through the AAW, so stay in touch with them.
  6. john snowdon
    john snowdon
    Hi, I'm John Snowdon and I live in SW New Hampshire. Joined AAW last year and have been a contributor to SMC for about 8 years. Slowly learning the woodworking skills needed to keep me occupied during the cold months. Mainly turning and a bit of flat work. Just started hollow form with a Gizmo...
  7. Jay Mullins
    Jay Mullins
    Hi, I'm Jay Mullins. I've been a member of AAW for three or four years and turning for about the same. I also am on Green Monster Group. I live in Asheboro, NC, retired and turn on a G0766. I'm on the Creek almost every night. It's a nice way to relax and to see what other turners are doing. I turn mostly bowls and trying hollow forms.
  8. Mark Greenbaum
    Mark Greenbaum
    John & Jay: Thanks for listing yourselves on this forum group. Sorry for the delay in replying, but life happens. Post pics of some of your creations, please.
  9. Robin Davis
    Robin Davis
    Hi, I'm Robin Davis in McKinney, Texas. Joined AAW this year. I'm not a member of any of the several local turner's groups in the DFW area but looking to join after the first of the year.
  10. Mark Greenbaum
    Mark Greenbaum
    Again, I apologize for not checking this forum much lately. I have not been turning very much lately, I've been busy building a full extension drawer setup to retrofit a tiny pantry closet.
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