MADcam for Axiom, Post Processor and other manual settings

  1. Benjamin Lepley
    Benjamin Lepley
    Here is a post processor for MADcam

    For those unfamiliar with MAD_Cam its an advanced cam software that runs inside Rhino5.
    It has a lot of advanced features like pencil tracing and is very customizable.
    keep in mind it is not nearly as consumer friendly as Vectric software, for example you have to research your own material feeds and speeds, which are built-in Vectric.
    This is the third revision to this Post processor and I intend on further refining it as time progresses with the help of the MAD_Cam engineers.
  2. Benjamin Lepley
    Benjamin Lepley
    Here is a link to download the post from my website
    This post specifies 30 minutes for tool-changes and a feed rate of 2500mm/min edit carefully at your own discretion.
    The Z axis stepper slips at anything faster than 2800
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