1. Phil Labowski
    Phil Labowski
    Are any of you turners?
  2. Andrew Arndts
    Andrew Arndts
    Raises hand.... ME
  3. Scott Gibbons
    Scott Gibbons
    I am learning, just picked up a delta 46-460
  4. Wil Limanen
    Wil Limanen
    I do a little work on the lathe. I have an old Delta-Milwaukee about late 40's or early 50's model. Quite a beast about 250lbs guesstimate.
  5. Robert Willing
    Robert Willing
    I have been turning since 2003 first pens, than game calls, bowls and now what ever anyone wants and/buys. Just purchased the Grizzly G0766 and love it. First lathe was a Nova Mercury mini lathe, General International, Nova 1624/DVR upgrade and now the Grizzly.
  6. Robert Willing
    Robert Willing
    I am sure there are more Michiganders out there let's hear from you!
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