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Don Kilgore

Ridgid Jointer Replacement Blades

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RE: Ridgid 6 1/8 Jointer Model JP0101

I am in need of replacing the cutter blades on the above Jointer, and have heard that this model has been dropped by Home Depot. I have also heard that the replacement blades from HD have not received rave reviews because of chipping.
Does anyone have a good suggestion for replacement blades. I have seen some sources on the net, and they all ask for exact size. As a novice, I hate to take the blades out for measurement, and be out of service waiting new ones.
Any help on size and source of replacement blades would be greatly appreciated.

Don Kilgore


  1. Bill Bulloch's Avatar
    You can get them from Home Depot. They will special order them for you -- no extra charge. I had them order me some about 6 months ago.