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Dust Collectors - Grizzly vs. Oneida (cyclone)

Dust Collectors - Grizzly vs. Oneida (cyclone's)

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I am getting ready to purchase a 2hp cyclone DC system. Looking at the Grizzly and Oneida units. Wondering if anyone can give me any pros and/or cons on either of these DC products. Any comments would be welcomed.


  1. Ted Morison's Avatar
    My experience with Oneida was very positive. They delivered on time, the machine was well packaged and everything fit right with out the use of a big hammer. It works really good and I'm very happy with my purchase. I chose to use the Nordfab pipe for my duct work. It also fits up easily and looks nice when you're all done. However, be prepared to go to the BIG wallet for this. I spent more on duct pipe than I did on the dust collector. My reason was that I figured that good stuff costs a lot of money but should I decide to change or add a machine, the duct work just snaps apart and you can move it where you want. No screws, tape, or leaks. It's great. Also, remember this:quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Oh, I did get the upgrade filter and upgrade motor. That added a few bucks. It's done. I'm happy. They have good customer service. I had questions and they were answered promptly.
    I'd buy it again but I won't have to because this one will last me a long long time.

    Ted Morison
    Concord, California
  2. Edward Norton's Avatar
    My personal experience with Grizzly is not a positive one. I had the table crack on a bandsaw and after many emails and phone calls it was never resolved.

    I might add that the saw was only 3 months old. This was the 0636XB 17" 5 HP 220V Extreme-Series and at over $2,000 you would think this would have been a fast fix! They received their last dollar from me.
  3. Kent Beiner's Avatar
    I've had an Oneida 2HP Super Gorilla for about 5 years and I have never regretted buying it. It's well worth the money and you won't be sorry. The buying experince was one of the best I have ever had. I bought my ductwork on Ebay from a school that was upgrading their system. Shop around as it can be very expensive.