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Tom Sherman

Part blessing and part curse

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As of today I am retired, not by design the doctor laid some permanent restrictions on me that made it impossible to perform my job. Since there were no other positions available, I had no choice. Since my 'retirement' check is soo small I will have to try to find something that fits with my restrictions that will provide my income. Life goes on.


  1. Jim Koepke's Avatar
    Not knowing what the restrictions are, I can only shoot blindly here.

    I am taking the leap soon myself. I know my income will be restricted, but for sanity I have to leave the nut house.

    My thoughts on how to make a little extra income have run the gauntlet from hitting yard sales on weekends to find eBay fodder to finding someone who may need a wooden item on a regular basis that I can make at home.

    There used to be a guy around here that made air plane replicas out of beer cans. I know he sold some, because they were hanging in some of the bars and restaraunts all over town.

    I once heard someone (I think it was Bruce Williams) refer to a steady income maker as a "rat box" because of a place he once worked would sell rat boxes to a local laboratory. When ever things slowed down, they made rat boxes because they knew there would be an order for them eventually.

    Many mechanics have their "rat box" as an old car that they work on when there is nothing else to do, then sell it when it is done.

    So Tom, you just need to find your "rat box" and hopefully it will carry you and let you live as well as you want.

    Good luck,

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