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Tim Malyszko

Plantation Shutters Part 7

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This weekend, I managed to make a lot of progress on the shutters. If I don't have too much homework next weekend, I will hopefully finish them up and prep them for Priming...

First, I drilled the holes for the lovours. They were spaced 2 1/8" a part, leaving about 1/8" overlap on each lovour. I first laid out the holes. I found it easiest to measure 1 stile and then copy the measurements to the others since they should all be the same.

To drill the holes, I made a jig similar to Norm's jig.

I thought the jig had too much play in it and the guide pin would stick in the drille hole, thus really slowing down the drilling process. I tried making many adjustments, but finally decided to get rid of the guide and line it up free hand. This went much smoother and was much more accurate than using the jig. As long as the pencil marks are accurate, this is the way to go. I noticed that in the DVD, Norm even suggested laying out the holes with a pencil first to make sure that the alignment is okay, which makes me think he had issues with this jig also. The jig actually just slowed everything down. If I were to do it over, I would have bypassed making this jig and instead used a drill press table and fence.

Here are the stiles with the holes drilled: