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Tim Malyszko

Plantation Shutters Part 3

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It's been a long few months since I've updated this thread. I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on the shutters and when I have, I've often rushed something and made a mistake. Here is a rundown of everything done since my first post.

The rails and stiles are being made from Poplar. Since they are 1 1/8" thick, I had to start with 8/4 poplar since I could not find reasonably price 5/4 or 6/4 poplar.

First, I cut a bunch of blanks from the poplar, planed and jointed them so I can resaw them on my bandsaw so that I would be left over with extra 1/2" poplar that I can eventually use for drawer blanks or something. I cut them slightly overthick so I could send them through the planer to clean them up after the resawing.

Next, I resawed each blank (in case you care, the Kreg fence works great on the 12" Craftsman Bandsaw)

After resawing and clean up the blanks, I cut the rails and stiles. 5 of the 6 stiles are 2" wide and the sixth is 2 1/4" wide so that I can cut a rabbett on the 2nd and 3rd shutter so that the close tightly.

Rails - After doing a dry fit, the middle rails had to be recut since I mis-measured on my lovour spacing. The middle rail ended up being a lot wider than the one pictured here. I will post the new one in the next update. Basically, I tried spacing the lovours 2" OC, but this didn't work out quite right and I had to change it to 2 1/8" OC.