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Tim Malyszko

Plantation Shutters Part 1

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In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of talk about plantation shutters. I just started on making some for our house yesterday and figured I would document my progress along the way for anyone else that's venturing into plantation shutters.

The louvers will be made from basswood while all the other components will be made from poplar (purchased from creeker Tom Sontag at Lumber Logs).

My first set of plantation shutters will be made for the following window, which measures 42 1/4" W x 52 5/8" H. For comparisons sake, bids to make a plantation shutter out of "premium hardwoods" to fit this window ranged from $389 to $597 depending on the grade of wood.

On Saturday, I got as far as milling the Louvers. I started off with a 98.5" x 22" board of 5/4 Basswood.

I first ripped the rough sawn basswood into 3"x40" strips on the tablesaw, jointed and planed them to 1-1/8" thick and then ripped them to 2.5" wide, which is the size of louver I was planning on using.

I then resawed each louver board in half, yielding 2 louver blanks from each board.

I then planed the blanks to their final thickness - 3/8".