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Tom Sherman

An update

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Well after couple of months of searching, it seems that a very likely prospect is at hand. I have worked hard to strengthen my knee and regain the flexibility, much to my doctor's surprise. He was surprised with the progress I had made back in March but still felt that I would have permanent restrictrictions. Since then I have continued to work on my knee and have now achieved a functional knee that has my doctor scratching his head. I have been released to go back to full duty with no restrictions. My previous job has been filled so no option for return, but I have a very promising prospect at hand now and if all goes well, I could make as much in the next six months as it took me a year to do last year. God is Good.


  1. bernhard Riddering's Avatar
    Hi Tom good to hear about your recovery and hope that everything works out for you.
    I had a fall in the end of 2008 from a ladder and after a shoulder operation and a very lengthy recovery, from witch i thought i can go back to work, the surgeon told me last week that i am not allowed to go back to work.
    For myself it feels that i have at leased 80 % function back in the shoulder, but he said the injury was very bad and a next small injury will make my arm useless.
    Retiring a bit earlier is not that bad i can always make small things with my treadle saws.