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Greg Muller

"Makers Mark"?? What to name my shop??

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I had a friend drop by to pick up an oval coffee table I built for him in the arts and crafts style and, after looking it over and giving his enthusiastic approval, asked me where I put the "Makers Mark"?

I've made a few dozen projects for others and have never added a makers mark (although one lady wanted me to sign her rocker), but he insisted that I needed one and offered to make me a branding iron. I've seen these in some catalogues, so I guess it's a fairly popular idea, right?

Does everyone have one of these if you do projects for others?

Any ideas for a mark?



  1. Ben Gastfriend's Avatar
    I don't have one of these, but I've seen them, and it looks like the majority just say:

    Handcrafted by
    - - -
    [Your name here]

    with some fancy swirls around the name.
  2. Dan Klauder's Avatar

    I made my own to avoid the "Handcrafted by..." look that Ben mentioned. Just a simple branding iron and not that hard to make. Of course it is not as finely detailed as the commercial ones, but that isn't the look I am going for anyway.

    If you are interested, you can check out the post on my blog (found your question and it was the perfect excuse/motivation for another post on my lacking blog).

    Hope this helps - Dan
  3. Jamie Buxton's Avatar
    Here's a long thread about the issue.