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dennis thompson

New R4512 saw buying experience at Home Depot,first it's bad then it's excellent

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Went to Home Depot on Saturday to buy the Ridgid R4512 saw. Worked with two different associates, both of whom were completely useless, I wanted to make sure the saw was made in 2016, after the trunnion issue was fixed. Left the store completely annoyed with them. I really wanted the saw so I went back early Sunday morning and asked for the manager. It was like I was in a different store, the manager and his assistant were great. They got a fork lift to get the saws down from a high rack, allowed me to open the box and examine the saw, then loaded it into my suv with the fork lift. I tried to use a Harbor Freight 20% coupon but they said no go but I had a 10% HD coupon which I used. I put the saw mostly together yesterday and will finish it today. It does have the three caster configuration, I didn't want that but so far it works great.I think for someone who wants a new saw and only to spend $500 (that's me) this is a great buy. So the lesson I learned was: if you're buying an expensive item at Home Depot ask for the manager, this is actually the second time I've done this at HD and it's worked well both times.
PS I watched a great you tube video ahead of time on how to put the saw together, really made the build much,much easier, you tube is absolutely am amazing source of information.


  1. Chris Hachet's Avatar
    Agree on you tube being an amazing source of information. $500 will also buy a lot of used saw if you are patient....
  2. Hank Mayberry's Avatar
    I had a similar experience buying a Dewalt miter saw, but two employees (no manager present) went the extra mile getting down several saws for me with the forklift off the top shelf. Home Depot is like any business, there are employees that go the extra mile and are knowledgeable and those that.... well don't. I always check the H.D. website before buying most items, especially tools. Sometimes their regular price and free ship to store is cheaper that everyone else.