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Shawn Pixley

Details, details, details...

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Well the end seems in sight now. I have a coat of finish on the legs. I also fastened the top handle. So next it was mortising of the hasps and then fashioning the attachment plate.

I cut the mortises for the hasps. I rough out with my Dremel set up for inlay and then pared carefully with a chisel to my layout lines. After mortising, I put a coat of finish down to avoid getting finish on the hasps. I had cast the hasps last fall from bronze. That was a bit frustrating as twice I cracked the wax I was carving. If I were doing it again, I'd fabricate them rather than casting them in bronze.

<untitled>1 (1).jpg<untitled>1.jpg<untitled>2.jpg

Afterwards, I set them in the mortises with epoxy.

<untitled>2 (1).jpg<untitled>4 (1).jpg

I cut the attachment plates from 16 ga. Brass Sheet. The cut-outs to go over the hasps were then carefully layed out, cut out, and filed.


The fastening pin was carefully fit to the hasps and Plate. There is still more work to do on it but the rough fabrication work seems in good order. I'll etch, patina or hammer the plates. There is a bit of filing / fitting on the pins.