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Shawn Pixley

Progress on the Collector's box

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I haven't posted on the blog for a while. Between work, travel and a few intervening projects (Guitar, Table, Shoe rack, etc…) I hadn't made much progress recently on the stand. I did cast the hasps and fabricated the pins last fall but didn't take pictures. Well, I sourced the walnut leg material and found some nice straight grained thick QS stock for the legs and started the fabrication.
I worked up the basic design in Sketchup to explore my ideas. I never rebuilt it to make fabrication plans for the project. I knew how I would build it and I couldn't see burning an afternoon creating components for a comparatively simple piece. Unfortunately, this makes later refinement and editing a bit more cumbersome. In any case as I worked up the legs and refined the arch, tops of the legs, floating support, and added banding to unify the design with consistent elements. I did explore taking the maple lower in the piece as well, but it was discounted. You should see small refinements and explorations of ideas on the sketchup photo (stringing, leg tops, cuff ideas). Though none of them are exactly what was built.

The fabrication was pretty straight foreword and mostly Neander. (Tapering the legs on the tablesaw and cutting the arch on the aprons) The stringing was done with the router plane (every time I use it, I love it more).


I dry-fit the table several times to get the measurements right for the floating supports. The cuffs were tedious but went well. The glue-up was also fairly uneventful.


Here it is glued up but no finish yet. I'll fabricate the hasp plates next (I cast the hasps last fall but they are not yet installed).