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Fred Voorhees

Brianna's bed Pt.8

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With the footboard mounted back onto the base assembly, and the two drawers in place, I used blue painters tape to help in locating the position of the two false drawer fronts. Once the locations were mapped out, double stick tape was used to temporarily stick the fronts to the footboard and then I could drill all holes that were needed to mount the drawers

That was basically it as far as construction of the bed. I used 1 lag screws to attach both the headboard and footboard from the insides. Went with a new finish and application to me. I used Zar tung oil/polyurethane wipe on in a semi gloss and six coats. And just in case anyone is interested there is roughly 260 pocket screws employed in the construction.

Once the finishing work was complete, all there was left to do was to deliver it and set it up, making for a happy niece!



  1. Bob Easton's Avatar
    Beautiful work!!! What a lucky young lady.
  2. Jon Lanier's Avatar
    Wow, what a process! Excellent way of showing how it was made.
  3. Glenn Clabo's Avatar
    That is great stuff. Nice pictorial...thanks for taking the time to do it. It was fun to read through.
  4. Mike McCann's Avatar
    very nice looking bed. like the way you wen tover erything as it was made.