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Fred Voorhees

Brianna's bed Pt.7

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The Leigh D4 dovetail jig has proven to be one of the best additions to my shop. It isn’t used very often, but when it is used, it comes through with flying colors. Here are a few pics detailing the process and its two wanted results – pins and tails.

A quick sanding brings everything down to a nice flush finish.

After milling up the rail and stile elements of the drawer fronts and adding a ¼” oak panel inside, I needed to add some pieces of ¼” ply to take up the void behind the panel where the drawer pulls were to be located.

Then it was a simple job of locating them to the drawer carcasses and screwing them together.

I then moved to the base and finished up putting in the elements that served to support and guide the drawers into their closed positions.

A very simple method that I picked up a number of years ago on how to allow a smooth glide to the drawers is to use these plastic pieces of drywall outside corner guard stuff that protects corners of finished drywall from getting dinged up. You simply cut it to length and hotmelt glue it to the bottom of the drawer sides. It makes for a very smooth gliding operation of the drawers.