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Shawn Pixley

Finishing the race...

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Let me start by saying that finishing isn't my favorite activity. Unfortunately, when I have tried to hurry this, I have regretted it. So this was a lesson in patience. My shop is my garage and we still park cars there, so I would finish this up in the room where it will stay. The piece is so massive that I would finish the pieces in stages building up from the base. I have been increasingly happy with oil / varnish mixtures wiped on with many light coats. I particularly like the textures that are achieved. One advantage I have finishing on the third floor is that I can do other projects in the shop while finishes dry.


The one thing I really do like about finishing is the way the color is brought out and the figure really pops. One of the major design concepts was the rounding of the rails and their contrast to the hard edges of the tapered legs.

SWMBO wasn't sure of my leaving the patch of ambrosia on the door. I actually like it a lot, though it might not appeal to everyone. These are quick iPhone photos. For the grand unveiling, I will shoot the project with the SLR. The color is somewhere between the pictures here.

After the basic finish was complete I installed the glass I ordered earlier.


There are a number of details left to complete (installing the leather, and some other bits and pieces). I also need to let the finish fully cure before I rub out a few areas. The acoustic hanging there is a guitar I built over the MLK Holiday. I am still fiddling with it before starting its finishing process.

I need to express my thanks to Sheldon, Scott, Prashun, and others for their unknowing help. I read the finishing forum consistently, and have learned a lot. Thank you!

Next, the grand unveiling???


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    I start with thinner, Waterlox, and tung oil (1:1:1). Sand 220 to 400 after three coats with minimum 24 hours cure time. I then just thin waterlox with a lttle tung oil - 6-7 coats. After it has cured for 30 days, I rub out with 1000 -1500 grit paper & mineral spirits.