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Shawn Pixley

Details, details, details...

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After the completion of the main portion of work, I find it easy to fall into the trap of, "let's start finishing." There were still a number of details and small components left to be part of my concept. One of the design intents was to draw the eye up to the glass display cabinet. Therefore the pulls needed to be a bit more special than the drawer pulls below. I experimented with casting some bronze in Cuttlestone.


But when I held it up to the doors it felt forced and out of context to the simplicity of the piece. I decided upon just a double curve from the motif of the drawer pulls.


With the tapered sides, the double curve added a subtle undulating effect. Unfortunately, texture isn't internet friendly, but the pulls are really delightful to the touch.


I had to build a couple of trays for the top drawers. The bottom drawers would each get a box for guitar accoutrements. There are a couple of secret drawers / compartments but I'm going to keep them secret.


In the display portion, I needed to build a support for the lower bouts of the guitars. Ultimately this will be padded. I experimented with a couple of leg motifs here but they really didn't add anything to the piece. It would have a couple of small boxes as well. The neck support would be in the same curve as the lower arcs. I would make this in the same materials as the rest of the piece. The brass rods will have a rubber tube over it when complete. There were also the bits and pieces for door stops and magnetic catches. Next on to finishing...