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Shawn Pixley

Recovery Part II

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I hate it when I find that I made a mistake weeks ago. I had improperly calculated the spacing for the dust guards. Before I could fasten my applied fronts I had to relocate my under mount glides. So once again doing fiddly work laying on my side and working in cramped space. I had also fabricated my drawer pulls weeks ago when waiting for glue-ups to dry. I rectified the glides and fitted the drawers. A day's work but seemingly infinite trips up and down three flights of stairs. While gluing the pulls I fabricated and fastened the top crown. At last the main components are all together.


Next I'll work on the drawer inserts, trays, guitar racks and other custom items. The other basic fabrication will be the drawer pulls. They will be a little more elaborate than the drawer pulls. I'll make two sets. I have an idea of casting some bronze in cuttlefish for an add-on motif for the pulls.