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Shawn Pixley

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After deciding the top structure will echo the bottom structure, there is a question of proportion. To hold my guitars, this would have to be a big piece - Roughly 4' wide x 2' deep x 7' tall. The question then becomes, "how do I ensure that the right proportions occur?" My answer for this piece is that all the dimensions of individual members would be 2/3 that of the base. That is then added to the concepts of squares that are foundational to the design. The cabinet base drawer unit is 2'x2'x4'. The overall piece is two squares. The upper cabinet would be two vertical squares side by side, producing a double size square. I traced it out on flimsy, and set to work cutting and prepping stock. The base element was very straight forward with members 2/3 the size below, and all of the curves were the same.


I took a step back and made my four drawers. These were very large (two of them are just under four foot wide) in order to hold a guitar. They again we largely uneventful. They were complete except for the applied front.

Over 3-4 weeks, I made all of the elements for the display cabinet portion. This takes great patience on my part because I love seeing things come together. But at last I had all the stock prepped. I then glued up the two side panels. After which I rabbeted the glass inserts. the glue-up was pretty non-eventful despite the very large size for my makeshift bench in the garage.


Joinery is all M&T. Sorry for the lousy early generation iPhone photos. My garage is on the first level, but I am assembling it on the third floor.


I next went for the doors. I have a curved rail and a tapered stile on each door so I went slowly and carefully. They turned out square. I used Brusso knife hinges (I had mortised the bottom and top panels and fastened one half of the hinge before I glued the top carcass). Fitting and setting the doors took a while and many trips up and down the stairs. Eventually it all went together.

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