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Shawn Pixley

Choice is torment

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Agonizing over the best way to do something is not my best attribute. After finishing the drawer carcass, I had to decide on the intermediate top treatment. when designing the piece, I drew it as being walnut with a thin, tapered edge. while working on the carcass I had started to wonder whether the walnut upper cabinet corners (mimicking legs) would be set off better from the top if the top was maple, trimmed in walnut.


After talking with SWMBO, she thought I was over working it. So I ended up making it out of walnut. I placed the better wood at the front and the breadboard ends as the field wood wouldn't be prominent. I use breadboard ends a lot, so why would this be different?


I am a blended woodworker, but this is a job for hand tools.


The construction was unremarkable, but the top structure looms (cue ominous sound effects).....