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Kevin Gregoire

May 16, 2012

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i need to start posting here more often, kind of like a diary so i know what i did and when would be nice to look back at.

but i got a part for my scroll saw and its been working really good but i would like to send it in to get serviced and tuned up.
it was used a lot before i got it and im using it a good amount so a freshening up would be nice.

i have been doing more scrolling then other types of woodworking and i enjoy it a lot. made some small toy cars last winter
before xmas to give to 'toys for tots' but i started a month ago between projects and i already have a box full that are cut out
and need to be finished but by the time xmas rolls around i should have a huge pile of them to donate.

last years batch of cars

i have been making several bird houses but havent had any luck in selling them, dont know if im asking to much ($20ea) or people
are not seeing them for sale? i have them listed on craigslist. i see some on ebay for next to nothing and i dont know how people do it?


i have started scrolling out some necklaces and hope they might sell, dont know if i should just sell the item or if i should get some
leather to hook them to and sell as a complete necklace? i dont have any pics taken of them yet so will post later if i remember?

cant think of much else so will post again soon!