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Shawn Pixley

Finished, I think

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Work has been a bit psychotic at the start of the year. I did find some time to complete the prong table project. I apologize for the pictures, I need to take a day and set up the better camera with fill lights. This doesn't really do justice to the Flame. The finish is Garnet Shellac for the Cherry and Super Blonde for the Maple. All wiped on by hand and sanded to 800 before final wash coat. Some of the pictures show the cherry blotchier than it is in real light.


All in all I was reasonably pleased by the project. The design intent came off. The tall one looks delicate and the short looks Bushido.

If I were doing this again I might try a different prong and I would have done the inlay before I cut the arc. (That was a major mistake. working around the legs was a pain.)

The next project will be have fewer curves. I am tired of curved object to curved object joinery for a while.