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Shawn Pixley

Following through

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I had been too busy with work and then LOML's & my trip to Japan to make much progress on the taller table. With a long weekend it seemed time to finish up this project. The two tables were to be a "Family" but not identical. The smaller one, would be a little less refined and a bit "Bushido" looking. LOML refers to it as the samurai table.


The taller one would be a bit more delicate and refined. I cut the prongs, and fit them to the top. Two prongs are glued with Titebond III and two with hide glue for removal as necessary. If I had been smarter I would have done the inlays before assembly but that water under the bridge now. I glued it all up and put on a coat of BLO prior to final prep and finishing. A couple quick pic's on the deck.


I will let the sun do its work on the cherry. The plan is to Finish the cherry with a 2lb Cut of Garnet Shellac, and the Maple with a super blonde Shellac. Plan is to finish these while I prep material for the next Project(s).

Next post should cover what I learned and what I would do differently.
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