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Bill Wyko

Long anticipated Mini Glaser gloat/review

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Here is a size comparison. The wood handled tool is crown parting tool. it weighs 8.0 ounces. The Glaser weighs 1lb 1 ounce. over twice as heavy as the wood handled tool. This should translate into a little tool working like a big tool. Needless to say, I can't wait to get on the lathe. The handle is a little over 8-1/2 inches by itself. Overal length will vary slightly depending on the tool inserted in it.


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    Now that I've used these a few times, I'm finding then to be incredibly useful. They're so easy to manuver and suprisingly great for all aspects of turning. I really haven't found any kind of limitations what so ever. I've even done the final shape in the bottom of a 9" deep vessel using one hand comfortibly. The next segmented turning I do I plan on making a video using them to do an entire project. They're just down right fun to turn with and swaping tools is actually faster than grabbing a different tool that has a handle of its own. Pictures really don't do them any justice, you really have to experience these tools. I haven't been this excited about a set of tools in as long as I can remember. They really have me wanting to get out in the shop and just turn something. I have to warn you though, they cause anxiety when waiting for the glue to dry on segmented projects. If any of you are in Tucson, PM me so you can drop by. I have a lathe here at work you can play on to give them a try.