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Shawn Pixley

Not done with the first, but time for the second

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As I was finishing up my pair of tables, my mind turned to the next project. I have been considering how to design a guitar display cabinet for a while. I find that as I complete one project, my mind is free to work on the design for another. Additionally, SWMBO had co-opted the shop (aka garage) for a staging area to purge her excess "stuff". So now that I could neither get my car in the garage, nor use my tools, I had an afternoon for design. After looking online at others' who have done this, I decided on a few things. <br>
<ol class="decimal"><li>Having the case itself it sit on the floor was not viable to display or handle the guitars</li><li>Due to the number of guitars it would hold, it would be massive</li><li>I wanted it to be furniture not cabinetry</li><li>Due to the necessary size of the piece,it would be necessary to break up the top and bottom elements</li><li>I like floating elements in my work, I would strive for this</li></ol>After building the last several pieces with curves, I thought I would explore something different. In any case I started with some dimensions that would accommodate the guitars and started to lay out fundamental proportions. I was tempted to start by using Sketch up but given that I was in a creative mood I went back to tracing paper to iterate quickly. I worked through several ideas, Narrowed these down and started to develop them.<br>
<img src=";stc=1" attachmentid="211667" alt="" id="vbattach_211667" class="previewthumb"><img src=";stc=1" attachmentid="211666" alt="" id="vbattach_211666" class="previewthumb"><br>
Despite wanting not to use curves predominantly, I couldn't help myself. The muntin designs didn't really add to the piece so they were eliminated. While they work with shojii screens, they didn't help here. I did like the taper. After talking this through I doubled the scale and prepared an isometric back ground to visualize in three dimensions. While I generally can see and design in three dimensions, others need the sketch.<br>
<img src=";stc=1" attachmentid="211671" alt="" id="vbattach_211671" class="previewthumb"><img src=";stc=1" attachmentid="211668" alt="" id="vbattach_211668" class="previewthumb"><br>
I also started to play with the stiles on the doors to see if I could make the piece a bit less "blocky". I tape things to the wall to allow for review and discussion.<br>
<img src=";stc=1" attachmentid="211669" alt="" id="vbattach_211669" class="previewthumb"><img src=";stc=1" attachmentid="211670" alt="" id="vbattach_211670" class="previewthumb"><br>
I colored these to determine how differing species of wood could help to reduce the mass. The design is still not complete, But I finally feel I have a direction to refine...
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