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Shawn Pixley


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I am a bit delinquent with my posting. This was done a while ago, but I didn't get to it as quickly as I should.

With the basic frame assembled, I set my mind to the prongs. I need to refine both the shape and determine how to tie the various elements together. In the mock-up, I had focused on the joinery rather than the shape itself. After exploring a few different shapes I determined it should continue to sweep out a bit and be faceted rather than rounded. I also wanted a bit of emphasis on the prongs. Not so much as to detract from the live edge maple but enough not to be viewed as a weak cousin to the top. I had inlayed a small bit of ebony on the tall table's rails, so I thought I would continue with that.


I laid up the stock and went through my sequence of operations. Because of my distaste of routers I did this joinery by hand. Each of them were hand fitted to both the top and to the arcs. Unfortunately due to this persnickety work, I didn't take enough progress pictures. But an afternoon later, I was able to dry fit the table.

I let the piece sit dry fit for a week while I considered what embellishment might or might not work on the arc's. I kicked this can down the road for a while but now I need to fish or cut bait. My first thought was an inlay on the rails. I am drawn to Japanese design, so I did a bit of research. I then inlayed a circle of ebony and looked at it for a while. Eventually, I developed a pair of motifs for each table. For the short table, people would get too close to the the arc so it would need to be simpler, but bolder. For the taller table, you'll just have to wait.


I was really liking how the wane edge contrasted to the arc. The picture above with the shadow was shot by my wife when I was at work, she had been skeptical about this contrast but she became a convert. For the taller table, will be more delicate as to will be closer to the eye. I worked out a series of circles that would mimic the arc. A quick morning of inlay and I am ready to assemble. Afterwards a quick coat of BLO and a photo on the deck.

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