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Shawn Pixley

The blow-out

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Anyone who knows me recognizes that the router is my least favorite tool. It can be the right tool for the right job, but I will go a long way to avoid using them. Because of the nature of the piece and the joinery required, I was going to use the router to trim all of the legs to the template I created. This would allow me to cut the dados on the arc ahead of time and still be assured that they would form a tight joint. Because I was doing two pieces at the same time, I wanted to make the pieces as interchangeable as possible.


I spent the weekend getting the stock all prepared. After which, I did the cutting of the arcs and legs (steps 1-8 in the sequence of operations). I had used the router Table to trim the mockup and it had worked wonderfully. But now I was doing it on my Cherry. I had never worked with cherry before but up to this point it worked similarly to maple. I had cut close to my layout line so I would be routing off between 1/32" and 1/16". I typically do this in very small passes. The first side of one leg goes well but the second side blows up on me!


Despite my going with the grain, a huge piece is no longer there. I have enough stock to redo this leg. but if another one goes, I will need more. I stop for the day to rethink my approach. I really hate the router.
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    The sad part of it was that I thought i did sneak up on it. In several other pieces I had used the router successfully. But this was exciting and not in a good way.