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Shawn Pixley

Stepping Back

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After I posted the last Blog entry I worked on the prong end. The prototype had left me with corrections to the sequence of operations but I couldn't (or shouldn't) go further without determining how I was going to fabricate the prong ends. They needed to be removable and of a tight tolerance given the nature of the design intent. I drew many different joints out at full scale but ultimately decided on a sliding dovetail connection. I mocked this up in poplar as well taking notes along the way. I then bounced this past other local woodworkers to garner their opinion.


I recognized that if I was to use this joint then I needed very accurate measurements and calculations for the Arc. This also meant I needed to fabricate the second top before continuing. Unfortunately other issues got in the way (Fair entries, redoing a floor for SWMBO, etc...) before I could get to this. I am still a bit unsure of the dimensions of the joint and the profile of the back, but I have the ability to correct / modify this on the real piece. Now on to the rough-out of the real wood.
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  1. Don Jarvie's Avatar
    I like to read about how other people plan projects and use project plans, etc. I found that a well thought out project keeps the changes to a minimum.

    I also like to draw full size drawings if possible. This way you get to see how the piece will look before cutting any wood.

    Keep posting