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Shawn Pixley

Design Process - My approach (Design Developement)

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After sitting on the idea for a while, I decided it stall had merit. So the next step is to draw it up. I tend to work in 3"=1'-0" scale for a project of this size. I had initially conceived of this as a small table to sit by the couch that LOML might put her magazines or laptop on. I first drew it up as if it were right for that purpose. I chose to start with it being square in proportion when viewed from the front. I draft it out out in proportion and then sketch over it in trace. Here is the first version in the three orthogonal views:

Attachment 200692

I had also resawn the Billet, jointed and book-matched what I felt to be the top


When looking at the design, it clearly wasn't right. It was either too tall or not tall enough. After sleeping on this, I got up and developed two more concepts. I also drew it as an isometric to convey to others how it might look in three dimensions. I don't need this for myself, but I find others need it more.


LOML liked the tall one but wanted to see a lower shelf option.
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