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Bill Clark De

Incra 2000 cutting small segments

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Recently i was setting up my incra 2000 miter gauge to cut some small pieces(one inch) at the widest on 15 degree ...when i notice my fingers weren't all that comfortable with the distance to the blade.
after 70 plus years i've become accustom to the balance of 10 fingers ..does anyone have any suggestions for a hold down for this Incra


  1. thomas prusak's Avatar
    I use two different kreg vise grip type clamps that slide into the track of the miter 2000. I can send some pics if you think they will help. Another idea I have is to screw a couple of destaco toggle clamps to my sled wherever I need them.
  2. Harvey Pascoe's Avatar
    I work every day cutting angles on dozens of small pieces, as close as you are and closer. There is really little danger as long as you keep the blade low and pay close attention to what you're doing. You get used to it. I also use a 7.25" blade that makes me feel more comfortable, plus I put a 2" wide sacrificial piece with sandpaper glued to the edge in front of the miter guage and the workpiece resting on that. Clamping pieces that small doesn't seem like a viable option to me and likely poses even more risk.

    Note that if the blade should pull the workpiece out of your grip, that won't hurt you. Scare the hell out of you and mangle the piece, but it won't pull your fingers in.
  3. Bill Wyko's Avatar
    When I get close, I use a stick with a little notch that sits flat on top of the segmen flatt. The length of it runs from the top of the segment to the base of my sliding table along the fence. I can apply pressure to the top of it to hold the segment.