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Ron Thompson


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We have a Epilog 45 watt mini and 3 Melco Amaya embroidery machines. If you look at the photos, and if I were to embroider that design the number of stitches would run the cost up to around $100 for the sweatshirt, plus it takes alot of time to stitch out a large design. (remember how thin a thread is) Now if I use the twill instead of stitching, the same sweatshirt will run around $40.00.

The Sports Twill comes in PSA and PSA PERM. The PSA would be used if I wanted to stitch a border as a outline around the logo. That's called an applique. An the adhesive will hold the twill long enough to tack it down with stitches.

If you use the PSA PERM, you just cut it on your laser and then heat press it to your garmet. It will not come off.

The cool thing to do is do a two color design. Take the clear backing off of you darkest color, smooth it over the base color. Then laser it with two power settings (vector - no raster). One to only cut through the top layer and a second to cut throuh both layers at the same time. Then weed out the top color and heat press it on your garmet.

Steve, try it, you can order a yard of two different colors for around $12.00 all you need is a heat press and your all set.

Ron Thompson